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Masaki Sakurai
1944 Masaki Sakurai was born.
1967 He graduated from the Sophia Univ., Electronics Department and entered Kohno Guitar MANUFACTURING.
1988 He won the first prize at the 4th International Guitar Making Contest in Paris.
So Kimishima
1983 Born in Tokyo.
2007 Graduated from Musashi Institute of Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Systems and Information. Joined Kohno Guitar Manufacturing, admiring his grandfather Masaru Kohno. He has devoted himself to building guitars under Masaki Sakurai.
2009 - He has been in charge of the article "Measurement of Guitar Strings" in the monthly "Gendai Guitar" Magazine, utilizing the knowledge he learned at university.
2019 The guitar designed and produced by himself gained recognition from Mr.Sakurai and made his debut as a guitar luthier.
2021 Announced his original model STELLA.
Based on the sound of Masaru Kohno's guitar in the 1950s-1960s, he brings together the techniques and expertise learned from his master, Masaki Sakurai.
Masaru Kohno
1926 Masaru Kohno was born.
1948 He started making guitars.
1960 He went to Spain and studied making guitars.
1967 He awarded the GOLD MEDAL in Elizabeth's Concourse Belgium, international competition in guitar lutherie.
Dec. 13 1998 He died of renal cancer.